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Hythe Green Preservation Society

(Hythe, Kent)

The Hythe Green Preservation Society was formed many years ago in order to preserve the Covenant of 1862, which was intended to protect The Green from building developments.

The plaque shown on the home page is on the original garden gate facing The Green at the rear of 31, Dymchurch Road, a property built by Joseph Horton, one of the signatories to the deed.

The Society elected a new committee in 2013 as follows:

Chair: Lynne Sims  ladywince@msn.com

Vice-Chair: Geoff German

Minute Secretary: Sue Jacques-Bartlett

Membership Secretary: Celia German

Committee Members: David Plumstead, Ann Creed, Betty Garfield

Treasurer: (Pending)

Webmaster: David A. Horton comments@hythegreen.org.uk

Date of next meeting: To be advised