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Hythe Green Preservation Society

(Hythe, Kent)

The Mayor was obliged to respond “I now greatly regret to be obliged to report that my efforts have been unsuccessful…our arguments did not prevail with Mr. Horton, who objected, not only as a property owner but as a Burgess, to encroachments by the War Office, which he considered a breach of the covenant as to building….and there the matter rests for the present.” (Folkestone Herald, 27th May, 1939).

Until his death in 1964, Frederick Horton, a bachelor, continued to live at 31 Dymchurch Rd, along with a large collection of stuffed birds and Hythe memorabilia, the latter of which he bequeathed to the town’s archives.  He was a local “character” and remained an active citizen, devoted to Hythe.


In 1966, in response to the establishment of a car park, which townspeople regarded as an encroachment on the protected open space, the Hythe Green Preservation Society was founded by Peter Bushell.

There have since been many battles with the Town Council over the car park. Recent activities and campaigning have included litter picking, reinstatement of pathways and (successful) removal of car parking charges.