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Hythe Green Preservation Society

(Hythe, Kent)

In July 1995, the Council proposed building a community centre on The Green. This was supported by the Hythe Community Hall Trust which even hired a Q.C. in an attempt to prove that The Green could be built upon.

However, the HGPS, under the leadership of Gary Muers challenged this, and in September 1995, the motion was defeated. (For newspaper articles reporting these events, click here)

In 1999, “Secret Plans” for The Green, drawn up by Kent County Council were discovered. Two other options were the “Cheney & Thorpe” plan, or to leave The Green as it was. The HGPS Chairman, Peter Pickles, called a town meeting to discuss the plans. (Newspaper article)

Denise Rayner was Chairman for many years until 2010 when Geoff German, formerly Vice-Chairman, took over until 2012. Tony Clarke succeeded him, but resigned after a year in office, when Geoff German filled in temporarily.  Lynne Sims served as chairman from 2013 to 2020.


The Green is maintained by the Town Council and hosts various events throughout the year including 14 Boot Fairs, circuses, fun fairs, the Hythe Festival Week and the biennial Venetian Fete.

Under our new  chairman, Richard Bateman, who was elected in 2020, the HGPS continues to protect The Green for the future enjoyment of the people of Hythe.